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"We have bought 6 vehicles in the last month via dealerbid and have been please how easy everything has been. We have managed to purchase some nice stock at sensible prices."

Hugh Cameron - Crosslands vehicle sales Director

"We have bought a number of vehicles over the last month via dealerbid and have been please how easy everything has been. We have managed to purchase some nice stock at sensible prices."

Ashley Purvis - Carsabout Buyer

"Definately a numbers game but have bought 8 cars now and like the idea that we can now offer our own cars to the site.... how about a stock page for private sellers to view?"

Paul Crook - Car Source Proprietor

"Many thanks for the free trial, I have purchased two cars now and will be continuing with you. I would however stress how important it is to get the right people on board as dealers. The reason being, the two people i have purchased from using your site have both checked out a well known and large internet based "car buying company" and the feedback is bad, i.e they give you an offer to entice you into selling to them and then knock down their offer when you get there. Luckily both said they got prices and realised they had priced to knock but wanted an honest and polite deal which they felt they obtained from dealerbid. I know as dealers we all like cheaper but at the end of the day it is the future of genuine dealers at stake that this site remains different to other sites and important that we have genuine dealers onboard. Hopefully the testimonials speak for themselves. Many thanks for the purchases I have made and keep up the good work . P.S could you reactivate the account !"

Mark - New March Car Centre Director

"We have been registered with dealerbid since 2008 and it is now our main source of stock, we would be lost without it."

Tony Fasulo - Morgan Motors Director

"We have bought 6 cars to date in the last couple of months since joining and purchased some excellent stock. Very useful for us as nice, desirable stock is becoming increasingly more difficult to obtain."

Cracknell Cars Buyer

"Hello guys, I just wanted to express my appreciation for the service I have received from your website I was skeptical at first at subscribing thinking it was just another trade site like those who over promise and under deliver, but was I wrong! We have been using dealer bid for just over 3 months and has now become our main point of sourcing good quality stock at below trade prices even over other leading trade sites who's subscription we presently pay twice as much for. From our first vehicle purchase on dealerbid I am glad to say we have managed to pay for our subscription for the next 3 years!!! In a nutshell dealerbid is a very professional company, with honesty and customer service second to none, I would without hesitation recommend anyone who is interested in purchasing trade stock to forget the rest and use the best! Thanks again for setting up this great site"

Sunny Lasania - Your Choice Cars Director