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Bidding & buying
Once a vehicle matching your notification settings is offered via the site you will within a few minutes receive the full details of the vehicle via email, including the main vehicle image if one has been uplaoded.

You may also search the entire site at anytime by clicking on search vehicles currently available or view vehicle as they are offered in realtime via your main dashboard.

Vehicle Search
The email notifications we send include "quick links" that allow you straight into that particular listing on the site to ask the seller a question or to make an immediate offer.
If you are interested in a vehicle offered then you can simply use the "quick links" to ask for any further information or to immediately make an offer.

Alternatively as a fully approved dealer you can simply pick up the phone or email the seller directly, this can be useful to clarify any information quickly but we do recommend that all sales are finalised via the site as this keeps a record of what has been agreed both for you and the seller and also allows the seller to leave you feedback which is important when future sellers view your business profile.

Irrespective of the franchise you hold or Makes you may have chosen to receive by email, you can view everything that has been offered via the site using our quick and easy search system, view by make, model, age, mileage and distance from your premises.
When making an offer the system will allow you to set how long your offer is valid for, which method of payment you would intend to pay by (bank transfer) or (cash) if a budget vehicle, if you want the system to notify you if a higher offer is made by another dealer, as well as enter a message to the seller regarding the bid and anything you might want to mention regarding collection etc. You can even attach any of your own files such as check sheet documents or purchase invoices for the seller to download in their control panel should you wish to do so.
Bid on a vehicle

Once you have made an offer for a vehicle the seller is immediately notified via email. The seller then has the decision to accept or decline. If the seller chooses to decline you will be notified and will have the opportunity to make further offers should you wish.

If the seller accepts an offer you will be immediately notified and any other dealers bidding on the vehicle will be notified that the seller has accepted an offer from another dealer. The listing will now appear in your "deals on the go" panel under "won". In this screen you will see the status of the sale - awaiting invoice, pending feedback as well as a contact button should you wish to contact the seller further.

Vehicle Invoice

Once the seller has clicked on the "generate invoice" button in their selling control panel, you will immediately see the invoice button illuminate "PDF". Clicking this will load up a full purchase invoice for the vehicle you have agreed to purchase, containing the full vehicle details, sellers invoicing address as well as all the figures that have been agreed.

It really is as simple as that, with no middlemen or purchase fee's/commissions.
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