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All about feedback

New Feature

Feedback is a new feature that has only just been added to the system so please do not be put off by dealers lack of feedback especially if they have been registered with us for a number of years.

Because of the way the system works we cannot add feedback from previous sales over the last 7 years so all feedback results are from June time onwards.


Leaving feedback for a dealer

It is important that any final offers to buy your car are completed via the offer proposal system as this not only helps you generate a professional sales invoice to the buying dealer which contains both parties contact information, it also allows you to leave feedback for the dealer.

You can give marks for Communication, Collection and Price as well as your own comments for other future sellers to view on the dealers profile.


Leaving feedback for sellers

Once a transaction has been invoiced and completed dealers can also leave feedback for the seller of any car they have purchased, 

Many of our users have sold multiple cars over the years using our site so this gives dealers a guide to how previous dealers have experienced the purchasing of their car.

That the car was described correctly and the paperwork was all in order etc.
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