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How much does it cost?
Access to the dealerbid network has been set so that buying and retailing on just one car from the site should pay for at least one years membership if not two.

There are currently three payment plans available -

dealerbid pricing

The pay monthly fully approved plan allows payment by either Direct Debit or paypal whilst the annual discount plan is available via paypal payment only.

There is a one month minimum contract period so you can cancel at any time without being tied in to any lengthly contracts.

Are there any other fee's for buying or selling?

Absolutely not. With a free account you can offer as many vehicles as you like and incur absolutely no fees whatsoever. Approved dealers which allow you to make offers on private sellers vehicles pay £35 per month or £299 annually and thats it. 

No final sales fees, commissions or admin fee's.

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