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Handling Enquiries
When you initially list a vehicle on the dealerbid system the details are immediately matched up with dealers registered on the system who have selected to receive email notifications for your Make, Age, Mileage and location of vehicle.

These email notifications are immediately sent containing all the information you completed about your listing and include your main image, if you uploaded one.
Dealerbid email notfiication
Our email notifications include "quicklinks" which allow dealers to quickly view your full listing on the site without searching or to immediately email you regarding your vehicle.

Contact information is also included as some dealers will prefer to make contact via phone or email directly before making any offer to clarify details and to make sure there is no confusion over things like description for example.

Offers and Enquiries

If a dealer makes an offer proposal or an enquiry for more information about your car via the quicklinks system or via the website, you will receive an email notification with a link to login and view the offer or enquiry.

As previously mentioned some dealers may make direct contact via the telephone or direct email, but we always recommend communicating with interested dealers via the website as this keeps a full record of what has been discussed.

Finalising commuciation and the sale via the site also gives the seller the security that the enquiry has come from a genuine registered dealer and allows you to generate a professional sales invoice with the buying dealers full contact information.
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