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Payment and Collection
An important part of making sure that any offer agreed with a dealer on the site is completed via the offer proposal system is that it keeps a record of everything that has been agreed, including payment.

Most dealers will be expecting to make payment via telegraphic transfer which you can obviously confirm before parting with your vehicle. For lower costing budget vehicles however, some dealers may decide to pay in cash. So either of the options will be confirmed within the dealers offer proposal.

Please note that no payments for vehicles are completed via the site and it is important that you clarify any payment details before accepting an offer, ideally by making sure the dealer includes the details in the offer proposal you receive.


All vehicles offered are expected to be collected by the successful purchasing dealer but again this is something that is not set in stone.

For example some dealers may offer an incentive in way of price if the vehicle is delivered. Again this is something you should clarify and ask to be mentioned in any offer proposal before accepting any offer.
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