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Why is there a charge?
That's simple, we aren't a car buying company. We provide a service for private sellers to put their car in front of lots of different car buying companies and motor dealers they would struggle to find manually, let alone contact via the phone or e-mail.

£10 puts our system within the reach of everyone and weeds out those not serious about selling and just curious as to what their cars value might be. - More on car values here

Dealer offers for carOur dealers only want to deal with serious sellers and in our experience charging anything... even if it's just £10 gets rid of 99% of the timewasters.

All the vehicles are offered to professional motor dealers and car buying companies from around the country who will individually look at your vehicle on a one to one basis unlike an automated offer via a computer program.

This means the buyer can confirm important questions about your car that can make a huge difference to the value. Not only this we keep your vehicle live for 6 weeks as dealers stock requirement change continuously, a dealer that has a client lined up for your particular model of car is much more likely to pay a better price than a website that is simply looking to make the lowest offer possible to then sell on to a dealer at auction for profit.

Cash offers for car
This puts the seller in a much stronger position to get the optimal price for their car and potentially gain hundreds and in some cases even thousands of pounds.

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