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Lots of enquiries when listed

When I initially listed my car I started getting lots of enquiries but then all of a sudden its gone a bit quiet?

This is quite normal. Unlike normal advertising sites that simply display your vehicle details on their website, dealerbid matches your vehicle to dealers that have registered looking to buy your particular vehicle.

The system sends an email of your vehicle listing to all these matching dealers within a few mintutes of you listing  your vehicle. This means instead of them waiting to find your vehicle on the site we put it straight into their inbox, hence the fact that when these are sent they generate a quick stream of traffic to your listing.

We keep all listings live for six weeks as we have new dealers joining each day as well as dealers stock requirements changing as they receive new enquiries for vehicles.

You can view the level of traffic to your listing at anytime by simply opening your vehicle listing within the dealerbid website.

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