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If car sold how do I delete from site?

Accepting an offer from a dealer and removing vehicle

If you have decided you would like to accept one of the offers you have been given and the dealer has made the offer via the message system or directly via email, you should ask them to make the final offer via the offer proposal system.

This will keep a record that confirms everything that has been agreed, payment method and allow you to generate a professional invoice for the buyer which contains both parties contact details.

Once the dealer has made the final offer via the proposal system you will be notified and can click on Accept Offer to complete the offer and remove the car from the system so it is no longer viewable on the site or to other dealers.

Accepting an offer off-site and removing vehicle

If you have decided to accept an offer off-site and wish to remove the vehicle you simply need to click on the selling tab in your control panel header.

This will show any listings you have live. Select the vehicle listing you would like to remove using the tick box and select Cancel Listing using the select box towards the bottom of the screen. Once done simply click GO and follow the screen prompts.