60 years of the Corvette

Chevrolet’s famous iconic American super car celebrated its 60th birthday recently on the 30th of June, 60 years after the first Corvette went into production in 1953 in Flint, Mich and it looks like America’s favourite super car is nowhere near retiring. The car that debuted as a concept car at the Autorama car show in New York on? the 17th January 1953 became a reality when GM realised the public’s reaction and decided to build a limited run of 300 Corvettes on the 30th of June that year.

60 Years of Chevrolet Corvette

Since then the Corvette has become the sports car of choice for many movie starts, musicians and even astronuts offering the very best in today’s technology and stunning performance with approximately 1.56 million Corvettes being made in the 60 years of its life. With the 500,000th Corvette rolling off the production line in 1977, the 1 millionth in 1992 and the 1.5 millionth in 2009 its clear the car has become even more popular with age.

60 years of the Corvette

Vice president of Chevrolet Marketing “Chris Perry” said “The very best Corvettes represent the state of the art for their eras in terms of design, technology and performance.”

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