A Plus Side to Not Buying A Boxster?


Today we are going to take a look at Audi’s TT RS plus which comes as usual in both coupe and Roadster variants. The TT has always been a beautiful looking, well designed and popular but in RS Plus guise the car has even more power, handles even tighter and sounds even more exhilarating with its howling exhaust.

Now the TT has always had a loyal following but it has a nemesis namely Porsche’s Boxster. If you have ever read any of the reviews with these two cars pitted against each other you will see that the Audi nice times out of ten comes a close second. Now this doesn’t necessarily mean the Audi is the second best choice but rather what you are looking to get out of the car and your specific needs as a driver.

If you want a weekend car that is pure adrenalin to drive both on and off the track that you can take to its limits then the Porsche is a definite winner, it just has this heritage that has been so very well put into the car. However if you are looking for an everyday car that you are going to use for work, going to the shops but still want the buzz that comes from a car you can throw around on twisty roads then the Audi is the car for me. You see it really does depend on what you want from the car and between these two fantastic cars you need to sit down and think things through carefully.

So what is that’s different about the Audi TT RS plus over a standard TT or TT RS? Well that would have to be the engine and performance. Most will be happy with the standard 2.0 unit that can deliver 272PS, those wanting a little more grunt will be drawn to the RS model which utilises a 2.5 five-cylinder engine with its 340PS and those that just can’t settle for anything but the best performance will opt for the RS Plus which pumps out a whopping 360PS.

The RS Plus can get from 0 – 62mph in just 4.1 seconds in S-Tronic gearbox form and 4.3 seconds as a manual, both limited electronically to an enjoyable 174 mph.

You can be forgiven for thinking too that this increased performance has been at the expense of fuel economy but Audi has done a great job of looking after that too. The manual has a combined economy of 31.4 mpg with the S-Tronic returning 33.2mpg which with this level of performance really is superb and something Porsche are struggling to contend with.

The RS Plus also comes with an uprated sportier exhaust system which sounds fantastic under throttle but is nothing that is going to upset those wanting refinement.

Both the coupe and the roadster come with the unique 19-inch “Rotor” design alloy wheels and upgrade from the standard RS’s 18” five double spoke items. There are also Carbon fibre door mirror housings an RS Plus logo on the gear knob and black trim on the rear tailpipe of the sports exhaust which distinguish the RS plus from the standard RS model. A carbon design package has also been used under the hood.

The RS Plus comes in at around £3,000 more than the standard RS model that’s means just under £50,000 for the manual model and slightly more for the S-Tronic. If you want to go for the roadster you can add another £2,000 roughly on to either of those figures.

So what are you getting for the extra money other that the 20PS increase in power and that lovely sportier exhaust? Well the RS plus does come standard with most of the equipment from the optional “Technology Package” available on the standard RS, this includes satellite navigation, Blue Tooth phone preparation and an iPod interface to the Audi Music system.

Build quality as you would expect is the usual high and with the demand for used models being strong as with Porsche’s Boxster, residual values are strong as well so no need to worry about massive drops in price if you decide to move on to something more practical in the future.

So what do we think of the RS Plus? Well the performance is great, it sounds superb but really other than the smile that both of those will put on your face there isn’t a great deal more to be gained over the standard RS. At £50k+ the car is priced around £5,000 more than the Porsche’s Boxster S but that is without taking into account the additional spec that would have to be purchased as optional extra’s on the Boxster. Taking that into account and the extra performance the TT RS Plus suddenly doesn’t look such a bad proposition.