A quick look at the desirable second hand Alfa MiTo


Launched back in 2009 Alfa joined the list of car manufacturers giving small car owners something good looking and stylish to run around in, making the list of supermini sized cars even longer.

The Alfa Romeo MiTo is a stylish alternative to BMW?s Mini with those touches that only Italian car manufacturers can add with reliability no longer being a particular concern this is one little car that has been doing extremely well on the used car market.

The MiTo was Alfa Romeo?s first supermini that after years of producing sportier types of cars they recognised they had to make, although it wasn?t built totally from scratch and was based on the Vauxhall Corsa also using technology from the Fiat Punto. Early 2009 saw the first 3 door models ? Turismo, Veloce and Lusso derivatives of which are used on other Alfa models.

The first petrol MiTo?s utilised the Punto?s 1.4 95bhp and the 120/150bhp turbo charged 1.4TB unit, later a 1.4 78bhp engine was also added to the entry model bringing the starting price down even further and a smart 1.4 MultiAir 135/170bhp engine added to the line-up mid-2010. The Range also utilised both the 1.3 litre and 1.6 litre JTDm diesel units.

These units were to be improved over the next year with the introduction of start-stop technology, a 105bhp entry level petrol engine announced in 2011 and an improved 95bhp diesel engine in mid-2010.

As you would expect with Alfa Romeo?s Italian styling the MiTo really does turn heads. The front end of the car is extremely reminiscent of the Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione supercar with its tear-drop headlights.

Inside the car is as luxurious as any of its older brothers with the latest iPod and MP3 technology plentiful along with standard air conditioning, 7 airbag safety system and fantastic braking systems including ABS, electronic brake force distribution and VDC (vehicle dynamic control) and CBC (cornering brake control) helping you in the wet.

The MiTo is 4.1 metres long and 1.7 metres wide so will fit into any garage and making parking a doddle to even the most nervous of parkers.

Driving the MiTo is great fun even though it?s a supermini and I would say a lot of this is down to the excellent DNA steering system. DNA stands for ?Dynamic Normal All weather? and fine-tunes the steering, throttle response and stability control to match your driving style!

The most popular engine is the 135bhp 1.4 petrol unit which will take the car from 0-60mph in 8.4 seconds with the 1.6 diesel pulling in a time of 11.6 seconds 0-60mph.

In terms of depreciation the MiTo does pretty well with only losing around 20-25% in the first two years, this will be down to the desirability of second hand models in the market keeping residual values strong. The most sought after models are the Lusso and Veloce however so you might want to take this into account if you are considering buying.

Because the MiTo was based on the Vauxhall Corsa most faults and niggles had already been dealt with so you shouldn?t really find any major headaches coming your way with regard to reliability.

Servicing intervals are set at 18k miles or two years whichever comes first so even main dealer maintenance won?t break the bank.

To sum up the MiTo is an excellent combination of what Alfa is known for – Sporty performance, great handling and sensible fuel economy in a very pretty and stylish body.

All the above and an impressive level of equipment has made the MiTo one of the most desirable supermini?s on the market and we have lots of Alfa Romeo dealers and specialists in the UK looking to purchase them immediately for stock so if you have an MiTo you are looking to sell or any other car for that matter make sure you offer it through dealerbid.co.uk and see how much we can help you get for it. Sell your Alfa Romeo.