Audi’s Q3 RS Depreciates less than any other SUV

New Audi Q3 RS







The new 310PS Audi RS Q3 is predicted to be the slowest depreciating SUV in the UK with it retaining 52% of its price after 3 years / 60k miles according to the leading trade valuation guide CAP Monitor. Audi’s first RS SUV is the perfect sports utility vehicle for those looking for prestige, performance and practicality with the only other vehicle out performing it on residual values being Porsche’s Cayman, which to be fair is a totally different segment of car. Paul Sansom of CAP Guide said –

All Audi models are characterised by strong residual values, but the RS Q3 sets a particularly high benchmark. This prediction not only reflects the perceived quality, reliability and desirability of the Q3 range, but also the respect the RS badge commands, particularly among UK buyers.

These factors, combined with the inherent strength of the Audi brand, make the Q3 flagship one of the most compelling propositions not only in SUV terms but in the UK performance car market as a whole.

With the superb retention figure of 52%, the Audi Q3 RS which is available to order now will see some excellent market leading lease deals. Priced at ?43,000 on the road, jumping into Audi’s most powerful Q3 will be a sensible option when looking at the competition.