New Audi Sport Quattro Concept Car

Audi Sport Quattro Concept







Audi will be unveiling the successor to the Sport Quattro Coupe – the “Audi Sport Quattro Concept” at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. In homage to original classic Sport Quattro being 30 years old this time round the road going version can reach 62mph in an incredible 3.7 seconds and move on to a top speed of 189mph all courtesy of the 690bhp generated from the V8 engine.

Audi Sport Quattro Concept







The power output is achieved using a 552bhp 4.0 litre TFSi twin-turbo V8 (used in the RS6) along with a 147bhp electric motor utilising liquid cooled lithium-ion batteries which Audi claim can achieve 113mpg utilising start-stop and “cylinder shut-down” which turns off half the engine when cruising. Power is put to the wheels through an eight speed automatic gearbox via the quattro four-wheel drive system and to minimise weight the car has aluminium door and front quarter panels along with a carbonfibre bonnet roof and rear bootlid.
Audi Sport Quattro Concept Rear







Audi Sport Quattro Concept Interior







Rally influences can be immediately seen in the vehicle with its aggressive look coming from its broad flared arches, flat C-pillar, slatted bonnet vent, front splitter, rear diffuser and the 20″ alloy wheels. Inside there’s a futuristic carbonfibre interior shell with the usual Audi sports items including racing bucket seats, a multi-function flat bottom sports steering wheel, and a huge digital instrument cluster with heads-up display.

Audi Sport Quattro Concept Gearbox







Audi wont confirm if the Sport Quattro will be built, but has said it may offer a limited production run of the Quattro in late 2006 with an expected price of around ?150,000.

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