Audi’s new Q1 revealed

Audi Q1

Audi have announced their plan to introduce a budget version of their Q range, the Q1 to go into production for 2016 targeting Nissan Juke customers who are looking to buy something higher-end.

Although Audi haven?t released details of the new Q1?s specification but it is exacted to be available in both front wheel drive and all-wheel drive and utilise the turbo charged engines petrol and diesel engines carried over from the A1 supermini and utilising Audi?s start/stop technology.

Like its sibling the A1, it is expected that the Q1 will have lots of personalisation options, for example the ?different coloured trapezoidal that is set to become a design feature of all Audi’s SUV models.

The model is expected to be similar to the A3 inside utilising Audi’s MMI and a central screen to control the Q1?s infotainment, internet enabled functions and vehicle settings.

The first of the Q range line-up was launched back in 2006 and has grown in popularity ever since with now over 1.5 million units having been sold. The currently line-up consists of the Q3, Q5 and Q7 and Audi have been monitoring the popularity of the range with sharp eyes since the introduction of the Crossover segment, which has seen a large amount of car buyers shifting from the larger SUV models in this segment. In fact the middle of the range Q5 has seen an increase in sales of more than 17 per cent in the last 12 months with an even further increase in sales expected as Audi predict SUV and Crossover sales to reach over 35 per cent by 2020.

The idea behind a smaller model in the Q-line-up is to target buyers of vehicles in the lower end price range, with the Q1 actually being just the first of another 11 models Audi proudly intend to launch by 2020, taking the range from 49 models to 60 and expected annual sales of more than two million units.

Audi?s sibling company Volkswagen already has a supermini sized SUV called the “Taigun” in the pipeline for 2016 with BMW and Mercedes also having similar vehicles in development.

We know the new Q1 is due to be built in Germany and available in the UK 2016 but no prices have been indicated so far. This aside we would expect it to have a starting price of around £16,000 which would make it good competition for Nissan’s the middle of the range Juke.

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