A Big version of the Little Tikes toy car

Life Size Childrens Car

A full size roadworthy version of a children’s Toy Car has been built by a man in the UK.

Many of you will recognise the Little Tikes toy car before and have probably even ridden one as a kid, but mechanic John Bitmead from Oxfordshire has gone the extra step and actually created an adult-sized copy of a Little car.

The life size replica is powered by an 800cc petrol engine, can get from 0-60mph in just 17 seconds and onto a top speed of 70mph.

The car which can even be driven legally on the road is true to the original, with no windows and an oversized drinks holder, but does benefit from mirrors, headlights and even an airbag.

Mr Bitmead with help from his brother, Geoff, and friend Nigel Douglas dismantled a Daewoo Matiz to create the vehicle which they estimate has cost more than ?35,000 in parts and the 1000 man hours of labour it took to construct. The original “Cozy Coupe” toy is made by an American company called “Little Tikes” and retails for around ?50, and as of 2004 the company had sold in excess of six million of the little red and yellow vehicles.

According to Mr Bitmead the bodywork alone took 150 days straight to complete.

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