Another award for BMW’s i3

BMW i3

BMW’s new i3 has won its second award in the UK this week before it has even gone on sale. The exciting new i3 has won the Sunday Time Top 100 car list in the best Electric and Hybrid Category after already winning Next Green Car’s Supermini award earlier this year.? The Telegraph’s awards list supplement which was published on Sunday 20th October decided the “BMW has bided its time while others took their first tentative steps into the electric car market. The brilliance of the i3 comes not in revolutionary battery technology for there is none, but by being a car someone might consider buying for reasons other than its electric.”

Another i-car “the BMW i8 Sports” has been confirmed for production in 2014 to run along side the fully electric i-3 city vehicle which is due to go on sale here in the UK later this year. Pricing for the i3 starts at ?25,680 on the road including the Government OLEV grant. The i8 however is expected to cost a whopping ?99,845 on the road when it goes on sale next year.