British car manufacturers top satisfaction poll

Well here is an interesting article in the Times by?David Millward for us British car fans to be proud of…

Once notorious for unreliability and poor quality, UK manufacturers have reaped the benefit of foreign investment and working practices over the past decade.

Five companies with factories in Britain are in the top 10 of the satisfaction survey of 16,000 motorists conducted by What Car? and information services company JD Power and Associates.

But it is Land Rover which has made the most dramatic improvement, leaping up from 12th last year to 6th place in 2013.

Experts believe much of the credit should go to Tata, the company?s Indian owners, whose investment has rescued an iconic British brand.

Back in 2004, Land Rover languished in 32nd place.

Jaguar, Land Rover?s sister company, has retained top spot for the second year in succession, having ousted Lexus which had reigned supreme for the previous 11 years.

The recovery of the prestige British brand has also been dramatic. In 2004 the luxury car maker came 13th in the survey, two places behind more modest manufacturers such as Skoda, Daihatsu and Proton.

Much of the credit for the resurgence of the British car industry should go to the Japanese who set up plants across England, said Garel Rhys, emeritus professor of motor economics at Cardiff Business School.

?Their quality has been superb,? he said. ?This has been taken up by the traditional car makers who have benefited from what has been going on. These are mass-market cars which are now built to go like a clock.?

Land Rovers have taken longer to improve. ?It was quite clear that the company?s suppliers were not giving them the quality that they wanted.

?The prices were high and people expected superb quality, which they were not getting. The company was losing customers as fast as they were getting them.?…More at British car makers top for satisfaction –