CAP – Report on independent used car dealers


CAP Automotive has reported that the independent used car dealers are having a tougher business scene this year compared to 12 months ago. CAP have questioned over 100 independent used car dealers each month in research for their “Black Book Live” real-time car valuation guide for used car trade values. 

The research shows that a year ago 87% of independent used car dealers described the business climate as good or very good but this has now reduced to just 74% this year. 95% of these dealers a year ago also were quoted as saying they expected the business climate to remain stable, or improve over the next 3 months but again that figure has now dropped to 87.5%.

Used car stock levels are also reportedly causing problems to dealers with only 22% happy with the number of vehicles they have in stock. In comparison 70% of dealers complain that their stock level is too low. This time 12 months ago only 61% of dealers were unhappy with the level of vehicles they had in stock.

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