Car buying website reviews and how to not get ripped off

With so many options when selling your car to a car buying website now it can be a little confussing especially if you do a little research about some of the methods certain companies employ to make the deal a little better for their profit lines.

There has been a lot of bad press recently which has been undercovered in quite a few different articles on various websites and newspapers – “How to get a good price for your car” , “we buy any car for less” and “Investigation reveals big reductions in valuations“.

This is why it is more important than ever to do your research in to any car buying website or company that has made you an offer to buy your car, especially if you have to take time out to deliver your vehicle.

A great place to search for reviews of car buying websites is –

Simply visit the link above and type in the name of the car buying company or website that has made you an offer to buy your car and work your way through their reviews.

It is also worth visiting as many sites as possible to compare offers. This can be done by visiting each site manually or by using a site such as ours ( which will allow you to enter your vehicle details just once and them broadcast your information to different motor dealers and car buying companies across the country.

Comparing prices for people to buy your car is quite interesting as you will no doubt find using a website such as dealerbid.

Prices can vary quite a lot depending on the location of the dealer, their particular experience with the type of car you are selling and if they have a potential client for your car. Offers to buy your car can change by hundreds and in some cases thousands of pounds so its worth taking the time to do this and make sure you arent losing out.