Car driverless technology for ?100

Wow, the boffins at Oxford University are working on bringing us driverless technology for our cars for £100 ! –

A team of scientists at Oxford University have unveiled a British-developed self-driving car.

The driverless technology, which has already been installed on a Nissan Leaf and tested on public and private roads in Oxford, uniquely uses a 3D scanner at the front of the vehicle to plot the road ahead as opposed to GPS navigation.

The scientists have predicted that motorists and car insurance policy holders in the UK will be regularly using the technology within 15 years.

Martin Spring, a senior lecturer who has co-authored a paper on self-driving cars, has explained their potential to The Guardian, saying, “As with many technologies, the early implementation will try to mimic what has gone before. But once you shake off the constraint of it having to look like a car, you can envisage a very different vehicle: it could look like a small room where people do what they want while the car is moving.

“And if you don’t need lights to navigate, you don’t need streetlights, or headlights. At present it costs about £5,000, but we’re working to reduce that to £100.”

The car, which has been tested at speeds up to 40mph, uses a different navigation system than its US and European rivals in an effort to overcome the difficulties of driving in tightly packed urban environments. The Oxford scientists prototype steers itself by comparing the information it receives from its laser scanner to map data it has stored in its memory….More at Self-driving car tested in the UK| News Centre Car Insurance

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