New Audi Q7 S-Line Range

New Audi Q7 S-Line Range

Audi has just launched two new variants of their S-Line trim for the Audi Q7, the S-Line Style edition and the S-Line sport edition. Costing an additional ?1,500 and ?3,000 respectively over the standard S-Line model,? both have been styled to further enhance the look and desirability of? Audi’s luxury seven seater, air suspended SUV. […]

Audi’s new Q1 revealed

Audi have announced their plan to introduce a budget version of their Q range, the Q1 to go into production for 2016 targeting Nissan Juke customers who are looking to buy something higher-end. Although Audi haven?t released details of the new Q1?s specification but it is exacted to be available in both front wheel drive […]

Audi’s Q3 RS Depreciates less than any other SUV

            The new 310PS Audi RS Q3 is predicted to be the slowest depreciating SUV in the UK with it retaining 52% of its price after 3 years / 60k miles according to the leading trade valuation guide CAP Monitor. Audi’s first RS SUV is the perfect sports utility vehicle […]

The New Audi A3 Cabriolet

Taking design cues from the new Audi A3 Saloon, the brand new Audi A3 Cabriolet will be making its world debut at this years 65th Frankfurt Motor Show making it the fourth variant of the a3 range. Making use of the?VW Group?s MQB platform and an aluminium bonnet, the new A3 Cabriolet is 50kg lighter […]

New Audi Sport Quattro Concept Car

            Audi will be unveiling the successor to the Sport Quattro Coupe – the “Audi Sport Quattro Concept” at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. In homage to original classic Sport Quattro being 30 years old this time round the road going version can reach 62mph in an incredible 3.7 seconds […]

Introducing the new 2014 Audi A8

The new Audi A8 is due to make its debut next month at this years Frankfurt Motor Show with the promise of even more elan and greater efficiency. The body of the new A8 has been “Weight Optimised” built around an Audi Space frame made almost all out of aluminium and weighing just 231kg. Exterior […]

New Audi A3 Saloon available to order

The Audi brand is famous for its superb levels of build quality and technological advancements all of which can be found immediately in the hugely popular A3 and as of this week you can now choose between three gorgeously designed bodies after the introduction of the new Audi A3 saloon being added to the UK […]

Audi wins another award for their 2.5 TFSI engine

Audi has won yet another award and this time it is for the “International Engine of the Year”. 87 top motoring journalist from around the globe have voted and given the award to Audi’s 2.5 Litre TFSI engine in the “2.0 litre – 2.5 litre” category and this is in fact the fourth year running […]

A Plus Side to Not Buying A Boxster?

Niki Gear takes a look at Audi’s TT RS Plus. Would you pick this over a Porsche Boxster?

New Audi S3 Saloon to make its debut

The new Audi S3 saloon is due to make its Debut after the launch of the new A3 saloon range