Citroen Cactus Concept

            A new concept car has been revealed by Citroen as part of their vision for a new C-Line of models and will make its debut at the 65th Frankfurt Motor Show next week. The idea behind the Cactus is to create a back-to-basics designed vehicle with less buttons and […]

Citroen’s DS3 Wins Best Supermini Award

Citroen’s DS3 has been given the title of “Best Supermini” by WhatCar? in this years 2013 JD Power survey. The DS3 received a staggering 82.2% score for satisfaction on its first launch which is a fantastic achievement considering the industry average was 77.6% and these the majority of these vehicles have been around sometime allowing […]

Two Citroen car models voted ?worst built? in UK

Two Citroen car models voted ?worst built? in UK