Ferrari Land to Open in Spain

Ferrari Land to Open in Spain

            PortAcevntura Entertainment S.A.U has agreed a licencing agreement with Ferrari to build a new theme park called “Ferrari Land” inside the PortAventura resort located near Barcelona, Spain. The 100million-euro (?83million)? is due to open sometime in 2016, Ferrari Land will cover over 75,000 square metres and will include the […]

Ferrari voted coolest brand in the UK

Ferrari has achieved first place in a 2013 survey carried out to find out the “Coolest Brand” in the UK. Clear is a global marketing strategy company owned by the M & C Saatchi Group who have carried out the survey of over 20,000 people looking at a total of 678 different brands, the third […]

Ferrari F12 ? Berlinetta Loved and Award winning as only Ferrari can

              Of all the supercar manufactures, Ferrari inspires passion and loyalty like no other. Ferrari launched its new supercar, the F12 Berlinetta model earlier this year and the car was greeted with the usual delight and without doubt, the team at Ferrari yet again managed to excel in their […]

The New front engined Ferrari F12berlinetta

                  The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta is the most powerful road car? launched by Ferrari and will be on show this year at the Geneva International motor show.   It is powered by a 6262cc V12 engine and produces about 730 bhp!   Due for release in 2013 […]

Battered 50yr old Ferrari

            A tatty 50 year old Ferrari that has been going rusty in a garage for the last 30 years and was last MOT’d in1975 is expected to reach around £60k at a specialist auction in March.   The Ferrari 250 GTE registered in 1961 once belonging to the famous […]