A Big version of the Little Tikes toy car

A Big version of the Little Tikes toy car

A full size roadworthy version of a children’s Toy Car has been built by a man in the UK. Many of you will recognise the Little Tikes toy car before and have probably even ridden one as a kid, but mechanic John Bitmead from Oxfordshire has gone the extra step and actually created an adult-sized […]

Life Size Lego Car With Lego Powered Engine

Life Size Lego Car With Lego Powered Engine

Raul Oaida, a 20 year old from Romania has built this fully functional, full size car totally out of LEGO and if that wasn’t enough it is also powered by the worlds first LEGO powered engine! The engine has four orbital engines and 256 pistons which give the car a top speed of 30km which […]

Funny number plate

                I’ve been scowering the net and found some pretty interesting number plates! I wonder how much these two are worth… not to mention the motors they are sitting on!

Extra Terrestrial Car for sale

A rather unusual car went on sale via eBay last week for ?62,500! And the new owner is sure to get some unusual looks and probably see some people running for the hills as the car in question is an “Extra Terrestrial Vehicle” custom built by Michael Vetter. Okay, so its not exactly an unidentified […]

Man caught steering car with pliers

Now we have probably all known someone who has been driving there car with dodgy tyres or a wheel bearing gone but sometimes people will seize to to amaze! This crazy car owner from Australia was caught i n Adelaide driving his car using a pair of locking grip pliers stuck to the steering column […]

Noddy’s Car Goes on Sale

If you have for some reason fancied owning the red and yellow little car that Noddy would drive around Toytown, now is your opportunity. The famous little car that was once owned by the writer of the Noddy books Enid Blyton’s company is due to go on sale at Silverstone Auctions on Saturday the 27th […]

Jeremy Clarkson in back of car!

I’ve just stumbled across this awesome airbrushed image on the back of a “Lada Priora” of Jeremy Clarkson tied up and gagged and just had to post it before I head off to bed! I guess its quite apt with it being a “reasonably price car”

Mayor drives his car into a Tesco Express store in Moreton Hall

The Mayor of St Edmundsbury in Soffolk has accidentally driven his car into a Tesco Express Store

Car Sales Guy Scared To Death On Test Drive

Video of undercover Nascar driver taking a sales person along on testdrive

Farmer puts his forklift truck through snow crash victims car

Farmer puts his forklift truck through snow crash victims car and demands money to return it