Woman trying to park car

Superb parking here, and it was a woman!

Woman Driver Picks Up Her New Car And Drives Straight Over A Wall Into Traffic

So you’ve just gone to pick your new car up from? the showroom and this happens…

The New Ikea Car


Police test drive ends up with a written off Sporty Golf

Greater Manchester Police have red faces after one of their officers managed to write off one of Volkswagens Golf R’s during a testdrive. With a top speed of 155mph and a 0 – 62 of 5.7 the Volkswagen R “would have” made the perfect unmarked police car! Luckily no other vehicles were involved in the […]

Some Great Parking!

Some Excellent Parking in London!!!! 🙂 If you have a Porsche you are looking to sell (not this one though) – visit our Sell My Porsche page to offer your Porsche to dealers and car buying companies across the UK for immediate cash purchase.