Plans for Police to remotely stop your car

Plans for Police to remotely stop your car

European police forces have been working on a universal remote stopping system to be fitted to cars, according secret documents leaked online by State-watch, the watchdog that monitor police powers, state surveillance and civil liberties in the European Union. This would give Police the power to be able to bring cars involved in high-speed pursuits […]

The Top 10 Maddest Cars of 2013

The Top 10 Maddest Cars of 2013

2013 brought us an amazing selection of super cars with the Ferrari LaFerrari and McLaren P1 trio just a couple have come to mind. But tinkering away out of the headlines were the modified street car fans, working to get every last drop of horse power out of their engines… we buy any car at […]

Huge increase in the use of Dash-Cams

Motoring accessory giant Halfords has reported a huge increase in the sales of “Dash Cams” over the last few months with motorists installing the video camera’s to record events before, during and after a crash to protect themselves against the increasing number of “crash for cash” fraudulent insurance claims. The devices which are windscreen mounted […]

New Car Sales hit five year high

New Car Sales hit five year high according to a recent article

A list of the Top money losing cars for manufacturers

A list from autocar of the top cars that have cost manufacturers loses of billions

Auto Express reveals the difference in motoring costs between 1988 and today

Auto express has been in publication now for 25th years and in celebration of the fact they have just done an article revealing exactly how much the cost of running a vehicle has changed since their first ever publication way back in 1988. Working their way through their archived editorial they were able to find […]

A new service to predict a car’s future value

A new data service has gone live this month created by the car valuation specialists CAP Automotive. The new system called ?Total Cost of Motoring Service? has been designed to give car owners an indication of what the local cost of ownership of a particular vehicle might be, taking into account the expense of running […]

BCA Used car market report

            BCA (British car auctions) have today published their “Used Car Market Report”, which has figures showing 7.1 million million used cars where sold in 2012, an increase of 6.4 percent meaning they have not only outpaced new car sales figures for the same year but also returned to pre-recession […]

007 Lotus submarine car sells at auction for ?550,000

Now I don’t think I was even alive when this famous car hit the road… or should that be the water? But for those of you that remember James Bond’s white Lotus Esprit, it’s going up for auction….             James Bond’s Lotus Esprit submarine car sells for ?550,000 The James […]

Blue Bird V – Joins National Motor Meseum Beaulieu

Looking like something out of Thunderbird’s this is – the world famous Land Speed Record Breaker Sir Malcome Campbell’s “Blue Bird V” which has joined the other two Blue Bird record breaking vehicles on display at the National Motor Museum Beaulieu. This famous car set a land speed record of 276.82 mph at Daytona Beach […]