Renault – Nissan Sell 100,000 Electric car

#renault #nissan #nissanleaf #electricVehicles Renault – Nissan have just sold it’s 100,000 electric zero emission car and not only that, did you know that Renault and Nissan have sold more zero-emission electric cars than all the other manufacturers combined. Between their range of electric cars they have driven approximately 841 million kilometres with zero emissions, […]

Driverless Cars to Hit UK Roads

In America a few driverless cars have been seen actually on the road but? here in the UK we have had to settle for testing and demonstration on private tracks but that is soon to change.?In a briefing document titled Action for Roads, the Department for Transport has said that they expect driverless car testing […]

60 years of the Corvette

Chevrolet’s famous iconic American super car celebrated its 60th birthday recently on the 30th of June, 60 years after the first Corvette went into production in 1953 in Flint, Mich and it looks like America’s favourite super car is nowhere near retiring. The car that debuted as a concept car at the Autorama car show […]

The top 5 UK Track Cars

Here’s a nice piece by?By James Richardson?about the big boom in track cars, specifically looking at the top 5 for sale currently in the UK. My personal favourite would have the be the Porsche GT3, something you could race around a track then pop to the shops on the way home! – Track days are […]

British car manufacturers top satisfaction poll

News about how British car manufacturers are now topping statisfaction polls

Drive a Car for Free

Okay so its possible to drive a new car for free! Well that’s according to Carbuyer magazine who have written an article for anybody interested and after reading it there is some method in their madness. If you are clever enough to work the system then all your costs including motor insurance, road fund licence […]

CAP – Report on independent used car dealers

CAP Automotive has reported a decline in confidence with UK independent used car dealers

Fab 1 Million – Rolls-Royce Ghost to help raise money for Breast Cancer Care.

The Famous ThunderBirds car FAB1 has been presented by Rolls-Royce to help raise money for Breast Cancer Care

SUV Sales taking over Family car sales in the UK

SUV car sales are now taking over family car sales in the UK

Car driverless technology for ?100

Scientists at oxford university develop driverless technology and hope to bring the price down to ?100