Who has the most expensive petrol in the world?

Okay, so we all moan about the fuel prices in the UK but did you know we are actually quite low on the top ten countries price per litre for unleaded….   (1) Norway ? £1.64 per litre   Topping the charts with the most expensive price for a litre of unleaded fuel is Norway […]

Hennessey Venom GT Test Drive

Hennessey Venom GT Test Drive

This is the 260+ mph Hennessey Venon GT. A simple concept, buy some Lotus Exige bodies, strap in a Jet fighter engine and there you go!   1200hp in a car weighing less than a skateboard!   Got one to sell? Pop your registration number into our homepage at and put our buyer network […]

British Man Drives Car Around The World

Roughly one year ago a middle aged Brit by the name of Roy Locock got into his car, started driving and didn’t stop!   With no route in mind he just decided to close up his life back in the UK and drive. Traveling through Europe and India with his car and then on to […]

The Top 10 breakdown causes of 2011 according to the AA

The AA, have anounced the top 10 reasons for call out in 2011 – Battery – 450,000 Tyres – 363,000 Lights – 162,000 Alternator – 124,000 Clutch 118,000 Keys – 103,000 Starter Motor – 88,000 Engine – 68,000 Brakes – 56,000 Fuel Pump – 53,000

The Top Ten Most Popular New Cars In The UK

Im sure its no surprise that the number of new cars sold in the UK has dropped under the preasure of the current enconomic state but which ones did sell and were the most popular ? Full top 10 listing according to Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) Ford Fiesta Zetec Ford Focus Zetec […]

New Theory Test

The DSA (Driving Standards Agency ), has announced that as from 23rd January 2012 they have introduced a new driving theory test. The new test will no longer use the same pre-determined questions each time on every single, but instead will make the questions random thus preventing those taking the test just learning the answers […]

1,000 Bhp Exotic Cars - Three To Choose From

1,000 Bhp Exotic Cars – Three To Choose From

If you love sheer power, and you want a car that produces 1,000 bhp, you now have three to choose from – and that is without going to the tuners like Ruf ofr Callaway, who will get this much power from engines that are currently in the 500- 700 bhp range. The tjree in the […]