Drive a Car for Free

Drive a car for free

Okay so its possible to drive a new car for free! Well that’s according to Carbuyer magazine who have written an article for anybody interested and after reading it there is some method in their madness. If you are clever enough to work the system then all your costs including motor insurance, road fund licence and depreciation can be covered. Their plan is based upon what they are calling “Rapid Purchase” and resale of new cars. How it works is like this – You buy an in-demand car, with waiting lists long on some sort after cars they can hold their value fantastically and this isn’t just covering exotic cars such as Porsche. Things like certain model Mini’s, BMW and even Renault product have sort after models which you can wait some time for. Now here’s the most important part of the system “Get a big discount”, for the method to work correctly and for you to in fact run a vehicle for nothing you are going to have to obtain a substantial discount on UK price and this possibly includes you having to look abroad. By obtaining a decent reduction of new car price you immediately have a car worth more on the used market than you paid for it new (if it’s sort after). If you can sell the vehicle at the right time you will have managed to have moved the vehicle on before it loses money and makes you a loss. If you’ve found a car that is slow in depreciation because of it being so in-demand and if you have managed to buy that car with a discount on top then you should theoretically still be in money even after 12 months of motoring with this money covering your other costs such as motor insurance, road tax and fuel. To keep the process going however you will need to be immediately on the look out for your next car pretty much as soon as you take delivery of your new one so planning ahead is important. It sounds hard work and for most it probably will be too much hassle but it does show that it is possible to actually get something for nothing… it just takes a little bit of work and forward planning. If you are struggling to sell a car or are worried how can I sell my car, dealerbid will help you find a dealer in the UK interested in buying it quickly for cash.