Drivers in Barrow Fobbed off

Dozens of car drivers in Barrow have been left confused after suddenly being unable to lock their cars at a retail park last Friday.


The incident started outside the Asda grocery store at around 10am when one shopper “Stuart Hill, 65” realised his key fob to lock his Nissan had somehow been disabled and he was unable to lock his car.


Looking around he could see other couples with their shopping trying to unlock their vehicles and having the same problem across the whole car park.


With a Nissan dealership across the road Mr Hill decided to contact the service department and explain the situation. The dealership sent over a technician about 10 minutes later but by this time the problem seem to have fixed itself.


The Service manager at Barton Townley Nissan said the problem was probably caused by a radio frequency that the key fobs use being used by another device in the area and it is actually quite a common thing affecting lots of different makes of cars.


A similar incident was said to have happened in York recently were motorists visiting a petrol station to fill up were unable to then restart their engines causing chaos at the pumps.


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