Extra Terrestrial Car for sale

A rather unusual car went on sale via eBay last week for ?62,500! And the new owner is sure to get some unusual looks and probably see some people running for the hills as the car in question is an “Extra Terrestrial Vehicle” custom built by Michael Vetter.

Selling space car

Okay, so its not exactly an unidentified flying object but Mr Vetter from Florida has created a plethora of interest with the one off creation which he say’s receives far more interest and gets photographed more than any Ferrari or Lamborghini. Mr Vetter built the car from scratch using a pretty much standard 2.2 litre Chevy engine under the bonnet to power the vehicle, but a mixture of parts from folding doors (similar to those of the Back to the Future DeLorean) , Fibreglass and Carbonfibre and even a multi-coloured LED lighting affect system to create a vehicle reminiscent of an alien space vehicle or vehicle from the future that is hovering on air.

Despite its unusual looks the futuristic vehicle has been approved for driving on the road and apparently driving the vehicle is remarkably like driving any other vehicle. It has a smooth, comfortable ride and even returns a modest 26mpg!


Selling etv vehicle

Some of the vehicles unusual features other than the folding doors and lighting system include – hidden wheels, internal camera monitors allowing the driver to see whats going on behind the vehicle and a electronic image showing the current kerb height of the vehicle so you aren’t going to damage it whilst trying to park.


rear of etv car for sale

We have lots of different car dealers and specialist car buying companies registered with us here at dealerbid always looking for unusual stock and I think it’s fair to say that this “car” comes under that category so if you? have an Extra Terrestrial Vehicle you are looking to move on here on earth and don’t want the hassle of selling your car?intergalactically, enter your registration number on our homepage and let our motor dealers make you an offer to buy it immediately without the pain of selling privately – Sell your car here.

sellilng etc car interior photo

For those interested in making an offer for the “car” or “ETV”? which is being auctioned via the eBay website, it has a reserve set at ?62,500 and you will have to hover it back to the UK from America.

Now I wonder…. does it include a Flux Capacitor ?