Fancy a hearse with a cathedral on its roof for xmas?

Well if you are still trying to find that special christmas present for somebody special how about this… I’m pretty sure nobody else will be getting them one!

Ford Cardinal hearseeBay

This is a hearse with a cathedral on its roof.
Currently listed on eBay – but, as yet, with no bids – the hearse with an illuminated place of worship on its roof is described as an “advertising car” and an “ideal New Year/Christmas parade vehicle”.
Before its alarming transformation it was once a 1993 Ford Cardinal hearse. Anyone who knows there Ford hearses from their onions will know that the Cardinal was based on the luxurious Ford Scorpio.
So, beneath the boxy body there’s a smooth 2.9-litre V6 engine mated to an automatic ‘box. However, the seller says the interior is “nothing special” thanks to there being no passenger seat or door trims.
Thankfully, the double-decked coffin carrier remains should you wish to take up the occupation of funeral director.
The cathedral which tops off the Cardinal (see the meaning behind it now?) is made from white polycarbonate and is illuminated by many 1,000s of LEDs. A bolt-on pole completes the ecclesiastical look.
The seller adds they’ve “had a lot of fun with it” and says the hearse is “very, very eye catching”.
There’s no MOT and the windscreen is cracked. It could do with a wash too judging by the pictures. …More at Fancy a hearse with a cathedral on its roof? | AOL Cars UK