How can I sell my car online?




People have moved on from traditional methods of selling their cars such as newspapers and classifieds websites since the boom in car buying companies that launched some years ago.

And since the launch of dealerbid back in 2008 more and more people are saying it is quite simply the best way to “Sell my Car

Advertising privately in newspapers or online classifieds can be an expensive not to mention time consuming method of selling. With more and more cars on the road the competition is fierce so it’s important to make sure your advert looks good and gives all the important information about your car to make it stand out and look attractive to buyers.

Information you should include details of any service history (if you have room we would even go as far to show the dates and mileages of the services), MOT (the longer the better, people will be put off with a short MOT), you could even put in a little about yourself and the sort of driving you do. For example if the car has been used by a lady just a couple of times a week to go to the shops people will see that as a huge benefit and it help builds up the entire image of your vehicle.

Photos are massively important; most people won’t even entertain looking at an advert without a photo, especially online.

The more photos the better, try to take the photos in a nice location where the car is the total focus of the photo. Try and take photos from all angles, in front, behind, both sides and at diagonals. Make sure you also take photos inside and if the car has any special features such as satnav take a photo of that too.

There are so many different sites and magazines you can use when thinking where can I sell my car but preparation is most important especially with the cost involved. The more information you give the better the likelihood of a successful sale and not having to pay to relist again.

If you opt to use a car auction site such as eBay motors it is recommended to set a low reserve to get buyers interested but obviously make sure this reserve is something you are happy to accept as there are no guarantees it will go over this figure.

If you are in the position where you need to sell your car quickly and can’t wait for advertisements to be placed and wait for enquiries or maybe you just don’t want the hassle of selling your car privately there a large amount of car buying companies and websites on the net that will purchase your car immediately for cash.

A quick search on Google for “car buying websites” will give you a list of some of the most popular ones. Generally you enter your registration number, complete some details about your car and are presented with an automated offer from a valuation system hosted on the website.

Now because this is an automated system you will need to visit as many different websites as possible to make sure you are getting a fair price.

Many of these sites are also renowned for giving the seller a price online but when you actually deliver the car to the company to complete the deal the buyer then adjusts the price after finding silly little faults. Many also charge an admin fee so watch out for the small print.

An alternative is to benefit from a website like ours where you can simply enter your details once, and instead of receiving a single automated offer the site will send your car information to lots of different dealers. Interested dealers then contact you direct via the website with any further questions about your car or actual offers.

The great thing with this “sell my car comparison” method is that you only have to enter your details once, there is no hassle of selling privately, you can compare prices from different dealers in different locations and dealers are expected to collect so you won’t be on the back foot when having to deliver your car.