Fisker’s electric car finds first UK customer


Fisker?s electric car finds first UK customer

Looks a lot like the BMW Z4 in our opinion. And who would have thought a footballer would be so Eco Concious!





US-based electric car manufacturer Fisker has made its first sale in the UK.

The 397bhp performance saloon has apparently been sold to a Premiership footballer, the identity of which Fisker is not revealing.

Fisker’s Karma is a range-extender, combining 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder petrol engine to a pair of rear-mounted electric motors. The engine merely generates power for the lithium-ion battery pack when required.

The Karma boasts performance figures that are very untypical of an electric car – the torque figure is a frankly amazing 959lbft, sending it through 60mph in 6.3sec and reach onto an electronically-limited 125mph top speed. This is combined with plus-60mpg fuel consumption and COP2 emissions of just 53g/km.

Fisker was created in California in 2007 and so far has no UK dealers – though it has now set up a service centre.

According to Barny Koehler, chief executive of Fisker’s European business and a co-founder of the company along with Aston Martin DB9 and V8 Vantage designer Henrik Fisker, it is important to establish service outlets for the car first.

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