Jaguar Land Rover plans to boost the UK car industry


Jaguar Land Rover has announced that it plans to boost the UK car industry by creating more career opportunities at its Solihull plant. More than 800 jobs are on the card according to John Edwardsm the Global Brand Director for Jaguar Land Rover. Experiencing a fantastic growth with Jaguar, the brand has met success and a fantastic growth with Jaguar, in different parts of the world, especially China. Chinese consumers today are more after the true British brands and this is where the brand sees a great opportunity. China has even overtaken Britain in terms of the car market and sales for Jaguar are up by at least 30%, thanks to the strong performances in China, Britain and United States.
The new model introductions and updates are the main reason behind the upscale performances. Indian Tata, the new owner of the carmaker, sees China as the largest market and expected to deliver its best ever sales performance. Tata motors bought the company in 2008 for £1.1bn from Ford. China tops the sales figures followed by Britain, United States, Russia and Germany. The Jaguar Land Rover dealership network is expected to expand and grow according to John Edwards. Despite the intense competition, Chinese consumers are seen to value the British brands with real veracity.


Studying the trajectory of habits of Chinese consumers, this is where the real opportunity lies. The western goods and luxury items still remain a favorite with the Chinese. However, a recent study shows a new hybrid customer emerging fast. The new jobs will make for a noteworthy turnaround at Jaguar Land Rover. When Tata motors took over the company, it was struggling under the credit crisis and sales were low. It seems Tata has injected new life into the business and sales are back. The company now has five-year expansion plans targeting more than 600,000 sales a year. Launch of a sporty new Range Rover is on the cards and is expected to make its debut sometime in April 2013.


The demand for luxury products is high in countries like China and Russia. The news comes as a big relief to Britain’s car industry, especially after Honda announced job cuts at its Swindon plants, blaming it all on the feeble demand across Europe. This is the first time ever Honda has hacked its personnel. Therefore the announcement of 800 more jobs by Jaguar Land Rover brings in new hopes for the UK auto industry.


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