Jimmy Savile’s Old Rolls Royce Now Probably Worthless

Rolls Royce







dealerbid.co.uk has heard that a valuation expert from CAP has been quoted as saying that the Rolls Royce Corniche previously owned by Jimmy Savile that sold in July this year for £160,000 i now probably worthless after the disgraceful allegations of Savile who died last year.

The car was sold in a charity auction in July complete with Savile’s cherished number plate JS247 and just 4,000 miles on the clock and it is the number plate that experts believe has affected the price of the car so much. “The car is probably worth nothing with JS 247 on it. I’d advise the number plate be changed and Savile’s name be removed from the log book.” said the expert from CAP.

Without revealing his identity ironically it was actually a scrap dealer who bought the car for ?160,000, telling Sky News he fears the car is worth half of that and is trying to get his money back.

The new owner went on to say to Sky News “I don’t want to be associated with it [the car]. I’m just gutted because all of this should have come out before hand.”

We have checked the value of the Roller and it has a current CAP Clean P/X Value of around ?52k.

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