Life Size Lego Car With Lego Powered Engine

Fully Functional Lego Car
Raul Oaida, a 20 year old from Romania has built this fully functional, full size car totally out of LEGO and if that wasn’t enough it is also powered by the worlds first LEGO powered engine! The engine has four orbital engines and 256 pistons which give the car a top speed of 30km which although may sound low according to the creator ?We were scared of a LEGO explosion so we drove it slowly?.

Life Size Lego Car

The project was conceived by Australian entrepreneur Steve Sammartino and thanks to the internet was possible through crowd funding. Steve says that he simply sent out a single tweet about his idea for the project and needed around 20 people to invest between $500-$1000, he ended up with 40 people investing.


The car which was constructed in Romania was then shipped over to Melbourne Australia for test drive by Steve where along with Raul they named it ?Super Awesome Micro Project?.

Working Lego Car

lego powered car

Although the car can quite clearly accommodate two people we wouldn’t think it’s in comfort, with passengers probably ending up with Lego print all over their legs and bottom.

The Lego car engine in action –