Lottery Winner doesnt have all the luck in the world


It just goes to show that winning the lottery doesnt always mean you have the best luck in the world.
One lottery winner has, quite literally, made a big splash in his Bentley.
Robert Johnson, 65, had that sinking feeling this week when his Bentley Continental GT became rather second hand.


He drove his Continental GT through three-foot deep flood water in Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, on his way to a business meeting. But when the car started to lose contact with the Tarmac and started to float, Johnson probably knew something was wrong.
The AA were called to recover the posh car, but it soon became apparent Bentleys can only be towed from the front… and only the rear of the car was accessible.

The 65-year-old won £5m on the lottery in 2008, and went out and bought the Bentley Continental GT in dark blue with cream quilted leather.
However, Johnson is hardly concerned about his flooded pride and joy. Speaking to reporters outside of his home, he has already bought a Mercedes-Benz as a replacement.
“I don’t know what all the fuss is about,” said Johnson. “I’ve gone out and bought a new car. Job done.”

Lottery winner makes a big splash in his Bentley

Bernard Robinson, who has known Johnson for 30 years, told The Times: “He rang me and said, ‘I can’t see you today because I’ve wrecked my car in the bloody floods’.

“He is gutted, he loved that car. It was his pride and joy and writing off a £100k car is not going to put you in the best of moods.”

It’s believed Johnson also owns a classic Land Rover with a snorkel exhaust which could easily have coped with the flooded country road.

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