Lykan Hypersport announced at Qatar motor show


Lykan Hypersport


Seven examples of a new supercar called the Lykan Hyper sport that has just been announced at the Qatar motor show by W Motors will be produced at a cost of £2.16 million a piece.

This amazing new supercar made by the Beirut based “W Motors” boasts a mid to rear mounted twin turbo flat six engine supplied by Porsche tuner specialists “RUF” and produces a whopping 740bhp!

The top speed of the car is just 22mph short of the record of 245mph set by the monster Bugatti Veyron Super sport. The Lykan achieves 0-62mph in just 2.8 seconds and no expense has been spared with luxury… Diamond coated headlights, gold stitching for the leather seats and a watch thrown in by Cyrus Klepcys worth more than £120,000 are just a few of the little differences that make this car something special and available to those with extremely deep pockets.

W Motors chairman “Ralph R Debbas” is from the UK and studied at Coventry University School of Art and Design, no disclosure of where the car will be built has been made but it is understood that the Australian car specialist Magna Steyr is also involved in the project which is also hoping to include a super sport version.

Could it be that the Veyron has something chasing behind it after that 1st place position in the top speed record books? It certainly sounds like it and by the looks of things the Lykan Hypersport is that car!