Man caught steering car with pliers

Driving with no steering wheel

Now we have probably all known someone who has been driving there car with dodgy tyres or a wheel bearing gone but sometimes people will seize to to amaze! This crazy car owner from Australia was caught i n Adelaide driving his car using a pair of locking grip pliers stuck to the steering column shaft as he had no steering wheel. The 38 year old man who hasn’t been named was pulled over on his way to work on Monday morning when police saw him driving erratically and with two flat tyres but that was nothing to what they could believe when they walked up to? the car driving with pliers rather than the “traditional” steering wheel.

The man was charged with dangerous driving as well as driving without a licence in an unregistered vehicle, driving whilst under the influence of illegal drugs, driving without insurance and more offences. It is believed the man may have also been involved in a hit and run.