Mayor drives his car into a Tesco Express store in Moreton Hall

The Mayor of St Edmundsbury in Suffolk has accidentally driven his car into a Tesco Express store at Lawson Place, Moreton Hall Tuesday afternoon.

The councillor “Terry Buckle” was taken with just minor injuries to West Suffolk Hostpital but release shortly later with his family stating he was “all right”.

A council colleague “Frank Warby” was quoted saying “He had a slight mishap, they are automatic doors so they opened as he approached”.

A spokesman for the Tesco store said that “the doors of the store were broken but there was hardly any damage to the car and no customer or staff were hurt in the incident.” “We wish the driver a speedy recovery and are relieved that none of our other customers or colleagues were hurt during the incident”.

The spokesman continued to say the they are working hard to repair the damage and get the store back to normal as soon as possible.

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