The New Mercedes A45 AMG

Mercedes A45 AMG

Mercedes-Benz have another AMG in the pipeline and it’s due at any moment, the New A45 AMG. The A45 AMG is the first ever production car to produce 181 horse power per litre, this isnt the only new thing about the car either – it is also the first AMG model ever to have less than six cylinders in it engine and also the first A-class to feature all-wheel drive in the United Kingdom. The A45 AMG will start at ?37,845 on the road and is available to order now with the earliest orders expected to be delivered in August this year. The new AMG is powered by a four cylinder turbo charged unit which is hand built and can produce a lovely 360bhp. Other technology to be featured includes Mercedes AMG DCT Speedshift 7-speed sports gearbox and the AMG 4Matic all wheel drive transmission system.

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