The New Mercedes S63 AMG with 585bhp

Mercedes has released details of their new 585bhp S 63 AMG – the most rapid high performance saloon in the luxury car market. The car is distinguished from the other S-class models by the usual AMG styling modifications including a redesigned deeper front apron and splitter, a chrome blade front grille, larger side sills and “Twin-Turbo V8” badges on the side. Power comes from the AMG 5.5 litre V8 Bi-Turbo unit from the BlueDIRECT family of engines giving an output of 585bhp, 900 Nm of torque and a power to weight ratio of 289bhp per ton.?The twin-turbo unit is hand built by one man – adhering to AMG’s rules – and comes complete with an aluminium crankcase, direct injection, an air-to-water inter-cooler, and a lightweight composite oil pan. The power from this twin-turbo “M157” unit coupled with the “AMG Lightweight Performance” construction? making the S63 100 kilograms lighter than its predecessor at 1995kg give the car exhilarating performance.

Mercedes S63 AMG

Power is delivered to the rear wheels via AMG’s 7-speed multi-clutch gearbox with three different driving modes – Controlled Efficiency, Sport and manual mode.? The modes not only alter gear changes but also the AMG sports exhaust system which is fitted with special flaps that automatically open and close depending on the transmission selection. If the Efficiency mode is selected they are closed but switching over to Sports or Manual mode open the flaps and give the car an even more aggressive exhaust tone. The car also benefits from an automatic start / stop function to give added fuel economy. Strangely despite the increased power output and lighter weight the performance figures provided by Mercedes set the 0-62mph of the rear wheel drive S63AMG the same as its predecessor at 4.4seconds with the top speed remaining at 155 limited and 186mph with the additional drivers package.

There is an increase in performance from the S63AMG 4Matic of 0.5 secs 0-62mph in just 4.0 seconds but this model is only available in left hand drive so will not be coming to the UK market.

The new S63AMG uses a re-tuned version of the S500’s air suspension coupled with Mercedes-Benz’s “Magic Body Control System” which uses a camera mounted inside the windscreen to scan the road and change the stiffness of the suspension according to the road conditions to maximise the desired setting – Comfort or Sport.

Mercedes S62 AMG Interior

Inside the S63 has new AMG sports seats, lots of high quality leather, an AMG sports steering wheel and a TFT full colour display.

The car comes with 19″ alloys as standard with 20″ wheels available as an optional extra along with other extra’s including a chauffeur pack, an air balanced pack, coloured brake calipers, first clase rear suite and carbon fibre braking packs.

Naturally, you can lose quite a significant portion of your time flicking through the options list, which includes a chauffeur pack, a ?first-class’ rear suite, an air-balance pack, coloured calipers and AMG carbon fibre exterior/brake packs.

The S62AMG goes on sale in the UK next year and is expected to be priced around ?120,000.

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