Renault – Nissan Sell 100,000 Electric car

Nissan Leaf 2010

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Renault – Nissan have just sold it’s 100,000 electric zero emission car and not only that, did you know that Renault and Nissan have sold more zero-emission electric cars than all the other manufacturers combined. Between their range of electric cars they have driven approximately 841 million kilometres with zero emissions, that is enough distance to circle around the world more than 20,000 times! Covering that massive distant with zero emissions equates to a saving of 53 million litres of oil and 124 million kg of CO2 that hasn’t been emitted into the atmosphere.

The very first electric vehicle from the joint manufacturing team was a Nissan Leaf which is owned by an engineer in California who bought the Leaf back in December 2010 when it was first launched to the public. Since then the Leaf has gone on to become the worlds best selling electric vehicle with over 71,000 sales worldwide to date, making up more than half the worlds sales of electric cars.