Plans for Police to remotely stop your car

UK Police car

European police forces have been working on a universal remote stopping system to be fitted to cars, according secret documents leaked online by State-watch, the watchdog that monitor police powers, state surveillance and civil liberties in the European Union.

This would give Police the power to be able to bring cars involved in high-speed pursuits to a standstill remotely taking away the need for dangerous and unsafe measures such as spiking the cars tyres.

The new system is just one of many new ideas being considered by (ENLETS) -? the European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services.? The project has been designed to help give the police an efficient method of stopping a vehicle safely, where many offenders will take huge risks to avoid capture. The report quoted – “Cars on the run can be dangerous for citizens,” so this along with a number of other projects are being worked on by ENLETS over a six year design period.

The plans for the remote stopping system along with other surveillance projects have signed off by the European Standing Committee on Operation Cooperation on Internal Security, which means they have the support of the British Home Office and British Forces.