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The Spanish built Renault Twizy could be the perfect urban vehicle with a top speed of 47mph and a sixty mile range has the electric vehicle finally got some momentum in this new market?

At under £7,000 the little Twizy looks excellent value especially for those looking for an urban run-around that looks funky and fun. You see the thing with the Twizy is, it’s been designed and built from scratch. It’s not simply a supermini that has had the engine replaced with batteries.

In fact the Twizy is far from your usual car, for starters the car doesn’t even come standard with doors!

The car is powered by a 20bhp electric motor with the power being transferred to the rear wheels. It takes 3 and a half hours to full charge the Twizy from empty and it is claimed to run for up to 72 miles with a top speed of 47 mph.

The car will seat two occupants, one behind the other and is tall and narrow but with the centre of gravity very low down, the car feels very stable and not like it’s going to simply tip over.

If you would prefer doors you can purchase these as an optional extra or you could opt for an apron that will keep your lower half dry should you get caught out in the rain.

Standard all models come with driver’s airbag, immobiliser, two glove boxes, a four point seatbelt in the front and a three point one in the back.

You can then if you wish pay £300 to upgrade to the “Colour” model which gives you floor mats, nicer interior and white wheel. Another £500 again and you can move up to the “Technic” model benefiting with alloy wheels and metallic paint.

With what the Twizy is aimed at neither of these upgrades are really a requirement.

The Twizy battery takes 3 and a half hours to fully charge and then gives an approx distance of around 60 miles traveling. It comes with a charger and a three metre cable but with city charging points still relatively rare, charging will be an obstacle for the time being.

Part of owning a Twizy means you also need to sign up to a 36 month / 4,500 per year lease for the battery pack. Taking this into account obviously means the actual entry price is now up from £7000 closer to £8000 over a three year period of ownership.

All in all the Twizy is a clever little electric vehicle that looks great and is fun to drive… unless it’s raining, with the fun of a scooter and better safety and comfort compared to that of a car.

Pricing is good but with the lack of a serious amount of city charging points it really is going to limit to those who are able to charge between home and the office and this will affect sales significantly.

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