Porsche Carrera GT most expensive car sold in UK auction in 2012

We have had a terrible past few years with recessions and all the doom and gloom but there’s still some lovely exotic cars being sold at auction….


The UK may have been in one of the worst recessions in history but that didn’t stop big spenders splashing the cash on luxury cars last year.

British Car Auctions (BCA) compiled data of all the cars sold during 2012 and revealed the most expensive, the results concluding that demand for pricey supercars and luxury cruisers is far from dwindling.

The highest value car sold at BCA in 2012 was a Porsche Carrera GT which fetched ?197,000 last October. The second highest value sale of the year was a Bentley Azure, one of three Bentleys in the top five, which went for ?134,000. The Top 100 most valuable cars sold by BCA last year were worth nearly ?8 million combined.

“The 2004 Porsche Carrera GT is a true supercar, with its mid-engined V10 generating over 600 horsepower and a 0-60mph in 3.6 seconds”, explained Tim Naylor of BCA. “They rarely come up for sale at auction and justifiably represent a hot ticket for bidders.”

Even the most luxurious of vehicles managed to find a home last year. “The Rolls Royce Phantom is getting relatively affordable as the 2007 example that sold for ?113,000 demonstrates ? Phantoms have sold for over ?200K at BCA in recent memory,” explains Naylor.

Naylor concluded, “The market for high value prestige vehicles remains buoyant despite the difficult economic conditions, with buyers prepared to invest six-figure sums for the right vehicle.”

BCA Top Sellers of 2012

Porsche Carrera GT ?197,000
Bentley Azure ?134,000
Bentley Continental GTC ?129,500
Bentley Continental GT ?124,400
Rolls Royce Phantom ?113,000
Mercedes-Benz AMG SLS63 S/Shift DCT 7 ?104,600
Mercedes-Benz AMG S65L Bi-Turbo ?102,200
Ferrari California ?93,500
Ferrari F430 F1 Spider ?90,500
Audi R8 Spyder

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