Some of the UK’s rudest car number plates gone on sale


If you want to get your hands on some unusual number plates some of the rudest are now available to drivers including – “PEN15” although it will cost you £75,000!

Thats right some of the UK’s rudest car registration plates have gone on sales via including “LUS73D” (Lusted) at £11,246 “B011LOX” at £22,650 and if you fancy an “ORG45M” it’s going to cost you £112,500!

The DVLA previously has banned such style plates including others like “MU12DER” and “PE12ADO” as they accept that they could well cause offence but although these plates will no doubt get some attention from other road users and passers-by, they are now totally legal.

In June 2011 a Mr Alan Clark of Chesterfield was ordered to change his Land Rover’s vehicle registration as it spelt out – “BO11LUX”.

Other number plates available on the site include “FR51SKY” and “M155SXY”

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