Auto Express reveals the difference in motoring costs between 1988 and today

Motoring costs

Auto express has been in publication now for 25th years and in celebration of the fact they have just done an article revealing exactly how much the cost of running a vehicle has changed since their first ever publication way back in 1988. Working their way through their archived editorial they were able to find prices for things like – the cost of fuel, insurance, mot and servicing costs as well as an indication of the average wage at the time and it probably comes as no surprise at all to hear that expenses have risen way above inflation.

For example in the early 90’s an insurance premium between ?150-?200 would be about average for a middle-aged driver to insure an everyday ?12,000 car, whereas to insure the equivalent car now would be a figure of around ?1,200 with the car costing around ?28,000. Another cost that will most definitely not shock anybody is the cost of fuel. Back in 1988 a litre of petrol would cost an average of 36.7 pence with it now costing a whopping ?1.36 forcing more and more people to think “I need to sell my car and buy something cheaper to run” hence the huge focus on hybrid and electric vehicles in the last couple of years.

It’s not just motorists that have been hit hard with rising costs either. A packet of 20 cigarettes in 1988 would cost just ?1.48, in 2012 they’re ?7.10 with a pint of beer rising to ?2.80 from a mouthwatering 88 pence in 1988.

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